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staffer, now my staffer, who worked so diligently through two administrations to get us through this day. i thank you. to the development team. to the residents of this island that have been patient beyond imagination. with the hope and expectation we would get to this point. to all those that are looking forward to the ground breaking to be hosted some time next year. it is pretty remarkable -- this is a small city, and about 10% of our land happens to be on three principal areas. all three of them former naval bases. out there in hunters point. the army out on presidio, and here on treasure island. 25-plus-hundred acres in the '70s -- the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's. since then, we have been talking about revitalization. we have been talking about reconstituting these pieces of property. just two weeks ago i had the pleasure and privilege of signing 12 pieces of legislation, marking over the course of over two decades over the course of hunters point. creating a framework on an economic development framework for 10,500 new housing units, 32% of them below market. hundreds of thousa
or people are just leaving. for a while, there was a camera there and i was terrified to use that intersection because i could easily wind up in the middle of the intersection just because of pedestrian traffic. this is bad for drivers, not just pedestrians. san francisco state right now has a shuttle to bart which is so near and so far. the shuttle from the school is that of the north and so if there is some way to get transportation throughout the neighborhood, that would be great. >> >> good afternoon. >> i run the san francisco housing action coalition and i have not had the pleasure of appearing here before. our interest in this project is as smart growth and urban and specially more solutions to housing and affordability. we have been following this project for the stickup live years and they're tremendously excited about it. we like the density and the better use of land. this is one that we don't see very often and i know how difficult ideas of increased height and density are on the west side of san francisco. this is a ground-breaking project. when we hear ideas bei
recycling at home and use these bins you see behind me. i do not want this to become a psa for our recycling efforts, although that is always good, and remember, it is the kids teaching the adults, which is always good. but this is good for the environment, good for the economy, and a san francisco can do this, cities across california and cities across america can do this. i will remind you of the great line by michelangelo, who said that the biggest risk is not that we aim to hawaii and miss but that we aim to low and --. it would have been easy for us to have a goal of 50% recycling rate by 2020. a lot of states, a lot of cities across the state, that will be tow%8x4ç:vw1qs8mna ++%uq when you do that, you get people to organize that quality of imagination, where people in the private sector and public sector, using the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit coming up with new ideas and attitudes that may seem untoward or a little controversial or extreme at first, but suddenly, when you peel it back and look back two or three years, you go, "my gosh, that makes so much since." if you make
to continuing the fight. thank you. >> there with us. we have two more speakers. a program that grew as quickly as this that we put on the ground very rapidly, the had the guts and tweaks and shortcomings along the way, but there needs to be support from a wide range of support across the community, and we have with us today a good leader. he is standing behind me. he was extremely helpful. i do not know if he thought he was being held or if my staff thought he was being helpful, but he was gracious enough to spend his time to send out e- mails, to call, to send out programs, and it really helped improve our processes, and it helped approved the ability for small businesses to take advantage of this program, so really appreciate that from myself and my staff. >> thank you. i was trying to be helpful, so i wanted to clarify that. i am also the founder of small business california new mexico on the board, and i have had the opportunity to speak to small businesses across the state and country about this phenomenal program. most of the businesses i talk to ask why they did not have something like
are used -- youth, in fact. we started in may. we were one of the first on board. mayor newsom would go to the u.s. conference of mayors, and he would tell the we had this great program. my office kept getting calls. we have been talking to states and localities all over the country and really, due to the mayor's leadership, this 250,000 no. i think is largely attributed to that. robert miller, who is here, one of our early partners with jobs now, well over 150 employees -- 145 employees through jobs now. he will talk about that, but he will talk about this innovative online campaign he has got going to get this thing extended. robert miller. >> i'm director of veterinary archives, and i want to thank mayor newsom for having the fortitude, the foresight, and the temerity to stay with a program for the very beginning -- since the very beginning. he took a chance on main street. we want to take that chance on government. our first higher was in june 2009, and our last was yesterday, the last day before the door closed. we believe the program benefits both sides of main street. the employe
us about this, but we thank you for your persistence on this. let me just take a moment to thank the person that i have called one of the greatest secretaries of transportation, is not the greatest -- ray lahood. you need to know about this man. he knows i feel this way about him. when you called ray, you cannot make small talk, you just get to the point. he knew about this because i remember i was with him when we were announcing another grant. he said, don't worry, i know about the transbay terminal. in other words, you do not need to talk to me about it again. he is a hero to me because he showed that we can work across party lines. lord knows that we need to come up particularly in times like these. i want to thank one more group of people and then i will sit down. i want to thank the people in the state of california who voted for nearly $10 billion in state funds to support high speed rail. that is why our state is so great, because the people of the state. we are going to keep the state moving forward. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, senator boxer. it is an h
? are the states using the programs and have a lot of people that will benefit from continuing to use them? >> the common currency with all the states is that the color of money is green. the states we're going after are red. mississippi, texas, and states similar to those are read states. we believe that when the true facts are put on the table that people will believe this is a bipartisan issue. we want to keep america working. it is important for us to know that less risk is taken out of our decisions every day a small business owners. this will take a tremendous amount of risk out of our decisions for the next year. >they have used the program. i talked to a woman yesterday it with a delightful mississippi accent. she said this was the most successful program we have ever done. she said they could not spend the money fast enough. that goes to the same thing that trent and mayor newsom were saying. she said she had small business owners clamoring to take people off of the unemployment rolls. it is not left coast or east coast. it is every coast and esstate in between. >> the campaign? >
to serve with him on the board. he was and is always thoroughly prepared for every case that came before us, usually come in with extensive notes on the relevant issues at hand. no matter what the issue -- to back a premise coventry permits, neighborhood disputes, solar panel installations, two major city projects, might devoted equal time to learning the issues and fairly deciding the matter. he was always thoughtful in his questions of the party, focusing on the essential facts necessary for the board to make its decision. he pushed hard thinking. he made as to ensure that all the different aspects of the case were brought before us had always pushed the city and city departments in ensuring we have the necessary information before us. although there were many decisions on which we did not agree, i always found his decisions to be reasoned, there, and practical. importantly, mike always gave extensive reasons to the particular decision at hand. i cannot underscore this enough. parties come before the board of appeals when they are seeking resolutions. they want a fresh set of eyes, and mi
mayor newsom tells us to do. the mayor and i have agreed on very few issues when it comes to muni or the riders of muni. i'm a person with disability. i ride wheelchair. i'm out there all shifts. i'm out there not just in the daytime. i'm out there at night and out there doing my job. i'm the only full-time director that they have. i know what's out there. i know from a rider perspective that we look out for people who work at night who are gone due to budgetary concerns. i want to put those back in place. and hopefully with the full board as soon as possible. i'm looking forward to working with cheryl. believe me we will get the job done. we have to be independent in our thinking. we have to be looking out for the citizens of san francisco. mainly i want to say this, we want to make sure that each and every one of us is making sure that everybody who pays their $2 to ride muni is getting $2 worth of rides. because right now i don't believe they are. the disabled -- i agree with the speaker that said we are not paying attention enough to youth because the youth are the lifeblood o
just use the money that is sitting in all these financial institutions and guarantee those loans and get people back to work, doing the energy efficiency work that all these mayors are doing quite successfully, and you do it in rural and suburban areas, not just these big metro areas. get people to work, particularly those in the building and construction trades, those that have the highest rate of unemployment. that is the opportunity, and that is where we are trying to communicate, what we are trying to organize around. this is a win on all fronts, and this is being demonstrated in cities large and small across the country. one of the successes of the stimulus plan is the focus on jobs and this economy. i want to thank everybody who is here and think cathy and her team for their leadership, and think mayor foster for helping bring all of you here to our city and county of sentences go. thank you. >> thank you, mayor newsom. >> i would like to bring our partner to the podium, the efficiency secretary, cathy joey. >> thank you all for coming. three quick points. on behalf of the
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10